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  • Декабрь 23, 2015

What You Didn’t Know About Ariana Grande Bikini Body


Amazing Ariana Grande bikini body has made her one of the hottest women in Hollywood. The pop singer and lyricist often appears in magazines and in online sexy photo spreads. But if you want to get a more intimate and closer look at her beauty seek out some of her photos in revealing bikinis and some other beachwear. The starlet who is totally different from the many young girls with eating disorders – due to low self esteem – believes that ladies should love themselves and treat their bodies with respect. Grande’s fitness plan involves working out, eating well and loving herself.


Ariana Grande bikini body statistics
Height: 1.53 M
Weight: 47Kg (104 pounds)
Bra size: 32A
Shoe size: 6 (US)
Dress size: 2(US)
Body measurements: 32-24-32


Ariana’s appearance

Ariana has a wonderful face comprising of fabulous lips and lovely eyes and very smooth face. Her smile also contributes to her innocent allure which earns her lots of admiration from the ever growing number of fans. Her body measurements make her one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood. Most celebrity watchers believe that the singer maintains a strict lifestyle in order to maintain the sexy shape.


There are people who link her to plastic surgery claiming that she might have had Botox injections, some lip job, laser resurfacing and boob job. However, this may sound ridiculous in the ears of her fans considering that she has remained on a dedicated workout schedule and diet plan.


Her Exercise and diet plan


The perfect curves of this young pop star from Florida talks a lot about her dedication in diet plan and workout routines. The young singer, lyricist and actress who won many hearts due to her singing abilities and acting proficiency is a believer of exercise and good food. Grande believes that all women shouldn’t fear eating disorder and should opt for healthy lifestyles.The singer has a great skin and a perfect figure but what makes her appealing is her love for workout and dedication to diet plans.

Her workout regime

Ariana Grande strictly follows elliptical workout. The workout has various benefits which enhance aerobic capacity of an individual by heightening the heart rate in addition to breaking their sweat. As a matter of fact, elliptical workout is a great way of enhancing workout ability. 20-30 minutes workouts for 3-4 days are sufficient and can offer fitness to the entire body. The workout is best for chest, back, arms and legs. The workout is also important in the exercise of leg muscles which is a major concern for most people. Furthermore, the 30 minutes workouts enable her burn 400 calories, which is essential in maintaining a healthier weight.


The star also enjoys hiking which some other stars such as Kristen Bell also enjoy. Hiking is also another great exercise for improved respiratory and cardio fitness and which reduces the risk for coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, increases the bone density and promotes better sleep. Moreover, this exercise reduces her weight which is more like that of Jacqueline Bisset.

Furthermore, Ariana loves staying fitter. She revealed that she wishes to do elliptical calisthenics on Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj’s music. She is known for doing cardio, which is a great exercise, in the form of dance. Besides the dancing, she does some exercises by chasing her puppy, Coco.


Her diet plan


Grande is always full of energy. Possibly, this is a result of the many dry fruits and nuts such as cashews and almond which she eats. In fact, Ariana Grande bikini body is a result of simple fitness matra yet appealing which consist of good food, lots of water, meditation and exercise therefore making her healthier from inside.


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