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  • Декабрь 23, 2015

Ariana Grande Brother — Things You Should Know About


Ariana Grande brother, Frankie Grande has been in the limelight for many years but the increased popularity of his sister seems to have fueled his popularity even more. A few years ago when he started to draw more attention on social media and YouTube, many people started asking whether he was related to Ariana or not but soon it became apparent that he was her half-brother. However, some people still do not know much about Ariana’s brother but the following are four things that will help you know him much better.

#1 He Was In Broadway Just Like His Sister


It appears that Ariana Grande is not the only singer in the family since his brother Frank also featured on Broadway. Frankie featured in the show «Mamma Mia». Looking at videos of his performances on Broadway he sounds pretty good. Obviously, he’s also a talented performer but probably not as good as her younger sister who also happens to be his very close friend. His love for music goes deep because he also owns a dance studio that he mostly uses to teach kids how to dance.


#2 Most of his Popularity Comes From YouTube


Frank claims to have more than a million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Even though some sceptics think that the number is way much lower than that, the fact remains that he has thousands of people that follow his videos on YouTube. It can be rightfully said that Frank got most of his popularity on YouTube. The fact that he still likes to brag about his popularity and success on YouTube should be enough to prove this. On his channel, Frank mostly prefers to feature videos of himself discussing different topics or just showing off. However, no matter what type of videos he uploads they still generate thousands of views and hence making him one of the most influential people on YouTube.


#3 He Went To Muhlenberg College


This is perhaps one of the least known facts about Ariana Grande brother. Frankie Grande went to college in his younger years and graduated. At Muhlenberg College, he was a triple major as he majored in Biology, Theatre and Dance. Frank is a living proof that education is still important even for celebrities and it also pays off. Looking at Frank’s career the only skill that he learnt in college that he’s probably not using is Biology because dance and theatre form an integral part of his daily life. Even though he is still quite a talented dancer, he also uses some of the knowledge and skills learnt in college to teach kids how to dance.

#4 One of His Greatest Controversy is His Age

HOLLYWOOD - NOVEMBER 28: Singer Ariana Grande and singer/producer Frankie Grande arrives at Hollywood & Highland Center and One Heartland's "Holiday of Hope" tree lighting celebration on November 28, 2009 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

There has always been a debate about Frank Grande’s age because several sites and sources give him a different age. Wikipedia states that he was born on January 24, 1983, which makes him 32 years old. Other sources have also put his birth year as 1986 making him three years younger than what is on Wikipedia. Frank also further fueled the speculation and debate when he was on Big Brother by introducing himself as a 28-year-old when he was supposed to be 31. However, regardless of how old he is, just like his sister his accomplishments and celebrity status will never be in doubt.




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