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  • Декабрь 23, 2015

All About Ariana Grande Concert Schedule 2016


Have you ever been to Ariana Grande concert? If you have never then you miss a lot from Ari (as some of her fans call her). Ariana Grande is someone you would wish to see again and again on stage because of her energy and stage theatrics. If you’ve ever seen her up-close, you know how energized she can get. She can even go slowly for some of her songs and you will be amazed by her tonal adaptations.


2015 Honeymoon Tour — How it was

At the beginning of 2015, Ariana arranged for a global tour, which came to a close in October 2015. This was followed the release of her second album, My Everything. In 2014, the album had held top positions in U.S. music charts and the tour would bring it global popularity. Among the singles from the album that fans had to see her perform included «Breakfree» with Zedd, «Bang Bang» with Jessie and Nick Minaj and Jessie, and «Problem» with Azalea . It was a well-planned tour and she might have given her career a big boost to go even stronger next year.


Her tour started in North America where she reminded fans that she is still doing great music and that this time it is not the child from Boca, Florida but a mature lady in her early 20s. The next leg of the trip went to Europe where she received a grand reception. By the 25 performances, Ariana had raked in more $14 million. But she promised to live to her promise to complete her tour. From Europe she went to Asia where she might have added more fans to her music. The last stop was in Latin America before heading back home for the events on the eve of Christmas.


What we learned from Ariana’s Honeymoon Tour


It is definitely that she is no longer a teen anymore. She has become mature now at 22 years. Fans could see how the child has transformed into a great stage performer, but there was no doubt that she would turn out just as great. She is now able to drive fans into frenzy during her performances. She is now capable of handling big music collaborations just like you saw with Jessie, Minaj, Iggy, and Zedd. She has a great future ahead of her and 2016 may even be a glorious year.


Looking ready for 2016


2016 is almost here, and coming from a successful year in 2015, Ariana would look to bolster her fortunes in the next year. This time round, Justin Bieber will be in her tours following their single duet and remix on «WDYM». Am I the only one reading too much from the closeness of the two so far? You may have seen how cozy the two can get around each other and a relationship may be coming out soon. But what remains clear is that Justin and Ariana will be performing more together in 2016 and may be the chances for a relationship may be slim. Who knows? Let’s wait and see as you look forward to great concerts and music from Ari and whatever collaborations she may be in.



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