• Helen Bright
  • Декабрь 23, 2015

Ariana Grande Ethnicity — Tracing Back Her Italian Roots


Ariana Grande ethnicity is a topic widely discussed by her devoted fans and practically unknown to all other who simply love Ariana’s music. Nevertheles, it is always good to know the small things about your favorite artists. It matters since you will then easily identify with them. But the truth is that most of us only love the music and movies of our beloved stars and never bother to know much about their past and roots.


Ariana is a great talent that has featured both in the music and acting arena. She’s become a phenomenal performer and apart from knowing all her sound word by word, I also feel that you should know about her true ethnicity. Not that this is very important but getting acquainted with someone whose music you can’t stop listening is more justified than just ignoring it.

Ariana’s family tree

After searching for her roots, Ariana came publicly to declare that she has an Italian ancestry. DNA is such a great thing that you can always know your ethnicity no matter how scattered it may be. Specifically, she is half-Abruzzese and half-Sicilian. Sicily and Abbruzzo are both Italian states in the modern day Italy. Both her parents are descended from an Italian family. So, what is the family tree that points to this ethnicity?


  • Her grandfather, Frank Antony Grande, married his wife Marjorie when they lived in New York in what was then an inclusive Italian neighborhood. They had immigrated into U.S.
  • Frank’s parents (Ariana’s great-grandparents), Antonio and Felmino (Americanized as Antony and Philomena), were both from Italy.
  • Antony’s parents, Ariana’s great-great-grandparent, Sabato and Raffaela were also born and raised in Italy. That is a true pointer to why Ariana’s ethnicity has to be from Italy and not America just like many of us would think.


Her complexion and what you would think of it

When you look at Ariana, what would you guess of her ethnicity? It may not have been so easy to guess before knowing her Italian ancestry. By look at Ariana’s complexion, one would wonder what would be her ancestry story. Her extra light skin is more foreign to the Native American skin tone. Deeper research into her roots has shown her to be half North African and half Greek, which still would point back to her Italian origin. Would it be wrong to think that Ariana’s beauty has something to do with her ancestry origin? I do not think so. Italians are handsome and beautiful people and that can be seen in every way that the child star has grown into.


Now you know so much about Ariana Grande. You not only about her great music but you also know of small details which would otherwise go unnoticed. If you thought that she is from the many ancient American ethnic groups; you know better than that now. But after all, ethnicity is just the past what and matters is that you love her music. You can now listen to her music knowing that she is not a stranger to you anymore.


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