• Helen Bright
  • Декабрь 23, 2015

What You May Have Not Known About Ariana Grande Feet


Believe it or not but Ariana Grande feet are among those small things that celeb’s fans simply love discussing. Well, there are many small things that you say should never be used termed as information since they do not matter after all. Here are a few examples: like how many times a certain celebrity shaves in a day, how much they spend on their birthday or other nitty gritty things. Sorry to disappoint you further and tell you as long as you keep loving celeb gossip you will keep getting these small talks. Like now I’m about to talk about Ariana’s feet. I’m sure you are saying «not again». Do not dismiss it that soon, just read it and see how informing it can be to get down to these small details. There is so much you do not about Ariana despite being her number one music fan. So, what is so special about her feet?

They are lovely to every detail

It is no secret that many people admire her feet. Whenever she or someone else posts her feet, you can guess from the views and likes they get that they are a beauty to behold. In one popular picture, she raises her feet to show their inner side. They are soft and geometrically correct. Even from a camera’s eye, you can tell that these feet are worth talking about.


Ariana has so many talents and her rise to fame in 2000s is a confirmation of that. But her feet complement the already soaring success and her fans would appreciate to know this too.

3 things you do not know about Ariana’s feet


  • They do not smell: you thought that celebrities’ feet do not throw the foul smell? You are wrong about such an assumption. Some of them can’t put up with the odor and it is only that you never get close to them to know how uncomfortable it gets. But Ariana’s feet are odorless and that may explain why she likes to flaunt them in pictures.
  • She has a page on Facebook about her feet: Ariana is not one to shy away from her multiple talents and neither will she shy away from showing her smaller blessings. She has a page in her feet’s name and it does not go unnoticed. The page already has over 3, 000 likes. To be precise, the number of likes currently totals to 3,129 and it is still attracting traffic and the number will grow. The page is filled with her feet’s photos from all angles and you cannot fail to like them even when you may not approve an egotist action.
  • She wears shoe number 6: just like her weight and height, Ariana’s feet are not big. Can you guess her shoe number if you knew her height is 5ft 1 inch? Do not beat your head for it, I will let you know. She wears shoe number 6. You can tell that her feet are not big or that small but something befitting her small body frame.


Are you a fan of Ariana? You were just a fan but now you know one more small detail about her feet. It gets easy to like someone if you know their finer details, and you just did that with Ariana.


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