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  • Декабрь 23, 2015

Why Is There So Much Fuss About Ariana Grande Hair


Ariana Grande hair seems to be discussed almost as often as her music, but why is that so? We are used to female celebs flaunting their natural hair and their styles that other ladies want to have. There are those who you will never tell a thing about their natural hair keeping you wondering why. Well, they have their reasons if you care to know.

Ariana Grande is one of such celebs who has always received a flack about her hair. She used to wear wigs and now she has turned to extensions and the cycle goes forth and back. So, what makes Ariana Grande hair such a mysterious topic? One thing is sure about her; she is never one who changes her hairstyles regularly.

Tracking Grande’s hairstyle history


August 29, 2014: Ariana Grade at NBC Studios in New York City to perform on 'The Today Show' Concert Series today. Mandatory Credit: Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com Ref: infusny-220

Long time ago, she dropped the red dye which was becoming something like her hairstyle trademark. If you ever thought that she would be changing her styles regularly then you had it all wrong. She soon started to rock half-down and half-up pony, which you may not remember the last time you did not see her in it. The style is iconic by all measures and she publicly admitted that she has never had a better option due to circumstances. How true is this?

Why wigs and extensions — Ariana Grande finally came out clean about her limited hairstyles


After feeling that her hair talk was becoming something of a major concern, Ariana came out about what informs her hairstyles. Here is breakdown of her history from natural hair that broke to what you see on her head today:

  • She used to bleach her hair and dyed it red for the first 4 years at Sam & Cat. That came with it repercussions and she lives with it up to today.
  • Her hair was broken and she had to turn to wigs to cover the damage.
  • She even tried a weave and it never got her out as she wanted.
  • She even contemplated scrapping her hair off but that would be disastrous.
  • She hates it that she has to literally wait forever for her natural hair to get back and in the mean time she will make do with fake hair and it is not easy on her.

© Albert Michael / Rex Features/picturedesk.com - REX 1137029 -- EXCLUSIVE UKH Mandatory Credit: Photo by Albert Michael / Rex Features ( 1137029f ) Ariana Grande Ariana Grande photo session, Los Angeles, America - 04 Mar 2010 Photo Session with 'Victorious' Star Ariana Grande. Ariana stars in the new Nickelodeon show with co-star Victoria Justice.

Grande’s real hair



In her appearance on «Focus» cover, Ariana rocked a platinum blonde and her fans went frenzy with finally knowing her natural hair colour. This was a new style though it was in her customary half-down/half-up pony tail. After 24 hours of believing that her hair was platinum, Ariana released the true copy of the picture with silver locks. However, this style still keeps us far from knowing what Ariana is hiding behind the wigs or extensions whenever she makes way to stage to perform or have here photos. We can only make assumptions based on her old photos showing dark brown curly hair.

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 30: Actress Ariana Grande from "13" A new musical" visits Planet Hollywood Times Square on October 30, 2008 in New York City. (Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images) (Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images)

So, Grande’s hairstyle is not just her choice to keep people infuriated by her monotonous style. Her natural hair is broken and as you would guess right she would let it run free. That would make you hate her for it. You now know why it has to be the wigs and extension. The dust should now settle down and focus more on her great music now that you know all about her hair.



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