• Helen Bright
  • Декабрь 23, 2015

The Ever Impressive Ariana Grande Outfits


Ariana Grande outfits are something to note from afar and you can be compelled to fall in love with her style. One thing you will notice is her simplicity in her style. She puts on simple outfits but in such a way that they give her the aura of a fashion star. As opposed to many artists, she never has a taste for over dressing and you will be amazed by how much this has done to her fame as a trend setter in the dressing world. Whatever event she is attending, she looks glamorous and I bet that I have never seen her look out of place in any event. You think this is an exaggeration, let’s have a walk through her top outfits and see what you make of it.

Do you wish that you had a close look to Ariana’s closet? Do not search anymore; here is what makes her wardrobe a thing to look forward to;

Looking sexy for the red carpet

If you remember 2014 VMAs then you might recollect how Ariana dressed for the event, can’t you? During this event you might have expected her to be in her usual party dresses and white heels but she chose to surprise her audience. She chose leather set up from Moschino and she was no less glamorous from top to her legs. She completed her ensemble with knee-high boots and you could not help it but admire her sense of style. Not that there was anything wrong with her dresses but she has a way to adapt to different situations and this happened to be another day to show the world that she can be «cool» in many ensembles.

INGLEWOOD, CA - AUGUST 24: Actress/Recording Artist Ariana Grande attends the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 24, 2014 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)


The pretty princess dresses

This was how she liked to dress in her era for the first album. You would see her in doll-like partying frocks with adorbs. She completed this with matching color of pumps and the black one was what looked great on her. She looked like a little princess then and befitting every occasion she had to attend to make her debut album a success. She may have outgrown this style but once in a while she wears those pretty dresses just like she was a teen once more. But the good thing is that everything she wears comes out just fine.

7-7 7-6

The sexy school girl outfits

When she is dressed this way, you can confuse her for a beautiful school girl who will definitely be an eye-catch for the boys. This is her 2013 throwback outfits when she used to wear matte heels, the over-knee socks, angelic white dress compounded with a berry lipstick. This adds a new twist to her girly look and you loved her for bringing this style back.


The florals and outstanding heels

Ariana’s floral dresses and white heels have become some sort of signature to her wardrobe. She mixes the colors so flawlessly and every petite, medium and plus size lady would borrow a thing from her.


Ariana is simply a fashion icon. She dresses modestly but she always exudes the aura of a confident lady. She has grown more confident and the world will continue to see her great outfits growing better each day.


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