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  • Декабрь 27, 2015

Top 7 Ariana Grande Tattoo Designs


Lovely Ariana Grande tattoo designs are adored by all of her fans and serve as a powerful inspiration for personal inkings among those who love Ariana. A successful singer and actress, Ariana Grande has been a household name and a star for many youngsters. During her career life, she has spotted a number of tattoos that unknown to many each carries its own meaning. Here is a list of Ariana’s inkings and their meaning.


Small Black Heart On Her Toe

Created in 2012, this was the first tattoo that Ariana was spotted with. Despite being small and located on the toe, this inking carries a big meaning for the superstar. Thought to have been partially inspired by her hit track of the same year, she asserts that it gives her more than just that. According to Ariana, this tat is to depict and remind of her young age, the fun she had, and the loads of love that surrounded her.

The Neck Tattoo


In 2014, Ariana was back at it again, this time inking a French phrase at the back of her neck. The French phrase read “mille tendresse”. When translated to English, the phrase is supposed to mean «a thousand tendernesses». This Ariana Grande tattoo was done by a renown artist on the same day that her brother got his first inking. The phrase inked by the superstar also features in one of her favorite films “ Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.




At the same period when Ariana acquired her second inking, she went on to have another one. With the words “Bellissima” inscribed on her left ribcage. This was done at her home in California during a “tattoo party” with her friends. Bellissima is an Italian word that translates as «beautiful» — a name she was nicknamed by her grandfather in whose memory she did the tat. According to her, the grandfather was her most favorite person. On the same day, most of her friends got their first tats.


Crescent Moon Neck Tattoo


During her honeymoon tour on 14th April 2014, Ariana posted a photo of her newly acquired inking — “the crescent moon”. The tat was done in support of her second album. It was this album that had her favorite hit song «Moonlight» and, as well, she would refer to her fans during the tour as “moonlight babes”. At the same time, her favorite male dancer and best friend was spotted to have the same tattoo in exactly the same location.


Honeymoon Tattoo


On 16th April, Ariana displayed her newly acquired inking. With the words “honeymoon” inscribed on the side of her right middle finger. Reliable sources indicated that this was done in commemoration of her tour referred to as the “Honeymoon tour”.

The Hebrew Phrase


During the same tour, Ariana got another tat that was the 10th name known as “dalet lamed aleph”. Done in the name of faith, the phrase is supposed to offer protection against the evil eye and offers assistance in rebirthing process. Her brother got the same inking at the same time in accordance to their Kabbalah faith.


2nd Heart Tattoo


This second heart tattoo was done on her right ring finger. Like the other most recent tats, this inking was done during the Honeymoon tour and was first spotted on 14th May 2015 in Paris.



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