• Helen Bright
  • Декабрь 23, 2015

Ariana Grande The Way — A Song You Can Listen To Again And Again


Have you had the time to listen to Ariana Grande The Way? It is a song in her debut album way back in 2013. It turns out to be the most favourite song of the whole album among most Ariana’s fans. Honestly, all of the songs in the «Yours Truly» album are fantastic but this one turns you on in whatever mood you are. Let’s have a closer look at «the Way» and its path to becoming one of Ariana’s greatest hits of all times.

Background of the song

«The Way» has lyrics hinting on a flirty relationship and some of the scenes make clear sexual implications. It is a song that was intended for those in relationships right from late teens to adults but, of course, it appeals to all age groups. At first, Ariana said that she thought the video had made a bad first impression on her music and personality since it may have shown her obsession with sexual matters. But that is the type of music that sells. She was wrong because her album went to sell 0.5 million copies in the U.S. before a year ended after its release. She must have been relieved to reach a gold album so fast when some other artists have to wait for years or even forever before achieving such a landmark.


«The Way» had shown how Ariana had outgrown her teenage themes and was now ready for a grown audience. Her co-writer, Jordin Sparks helped with taming the lyrics and it came out just fine. Bringing on Mac Miller was even a greater thing since it gave the song a great foundation for success causing no disappointments. After the song was recorded the same month it was written, it got the attention of Charlie Walk, the VP Republic Records. The song made an impression and Republic Records made a decision to set it up. That was the beginning of its success.


Release and promotion

The song was released late in March 2013, after Ariana had created a buzz about it on Twitter and YouTube. Ariana made radio tours in U.S. promoting her song and it received excellent airplays and of course amazing fans reception. On March 25th, the song debuted on Ryan Seacrest’s show. That was how it began the long march to becoming a hit that would be listened to for years, and its popularity is yet to wear out.


The success with the song

Just 48 hours after its official release, ‘The Way’ sold 120,000 units. This was a first impression that meant it was destined to smash records. By the end of the first week of its release, 219, 000 units were sold. It became the 4th best one-week seller in March 2013. It continued to hold a top 10 position in domestic and international music charts. The video was even greater and it may have pushed Ariana’s fortunes to a higher notch.


«The Way» is a great music which put Ariana in the highest music charts. It has built her foundation for success and you can say that after her great Honeymoon Tour in 2015, she earned fortunes and she may have impressed many new fans for the future.


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