• Helen Bright
  • Декабрь 23, 2015

Ariana Grande Without Makeup — Pure Natural Beauty


Have you ever seen Ariana Grande without makeup? You should have because most of the time she just lets her natural beauty out. Celebrities have an obsession with makeup so as to keep looking great for their fans. It becomes a habit that one cannot shake easily and have to live with it. With Ariana Grande, her story is different and she must be feeling lucky that she does not need makeup to look good.

You know Ariana to be a talented musician but you may never have known about her little secret. Do you want to hear it? Well, Ariana does not need makeup to be beautiful. She is already accomplished in her nature.

Why Ariana is just beautiful even without a trace of makeup

I would say that I have seen many female celebs without makeup but none has been as achieved as Ariana. She looks just like she was never made to touch even the least of makeup. Every time she lets her natural beauty flow, she is a scene to behold and you just wonder how she manages to do just that. Here is how Ariana is just too beautiful to be a makeup girl.


She knows how to dress: Ariana is an iconic fashion star, don’t you think? If you have looked into her photos you will not be guessing on your answer. She knows how to dress for every event and even without makeup she would look beautiful. Her preference for short dresses has set her apart from the rest of stars and you would be right to say she is in her own level. With a well-stocked closet, Ariana would be the last to need makeup. No wonder she has been more often caught off guard without makeup and yet her pictures never show any flaw in her perfect body.

She has a lovely skin: skin is something that every celebrity would want to be perfect. Ariana does not have to put on makeup to make her skin look radiant. She naturally has lovely skin. She looks like someone in her early teens but do not be fooled because she is now 22 years. With her kind of skin, you would just go out straight from the bathroom. What a perfect lady is Ariana in every way!


Her petite body gives her every advantage: does it have to do with her small stature? Definitely, it is not about that because we know of other stars with the same body sizes that would look odd without makeup. It just happens that Ariana is naturally beautiful.

Self-confession — Ariana did not know to use face makeup


In one of her interviews, Ariana confessed that she did not know how to use facial makeup. Does it bother you that she said so? It shouldn’t because you can tell how beautiful she always looks and it has nothing to do with added beauty.


Ariana does not need any additional beauty. Not for so many years to come and she must be feeling blessed for that endowment. While other people struggle to hide facial lines and grey hair, Ariana is care-free and you would not notice.


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