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Covering Men’s Fashion and Hairstyles Trends with StyleMANN

Fashion and hairstyles are gaining more and more popularity among men. In the last several years, there has been a swing in culture. Men began to step up their game and just go for the glory. Suddenly you wake up one day and realize that you aren’t young anymore. That everything you’ve worked so hard to get is only a fraction of a cushion, once the dog sits down. At, that cushion is all yours. There’s no-one to bother you, so you have a little bit of undisturbed quiet time.

At, you can find a great series of articles. Many of these are about men’s fashion, and men’s hairstyles, but there are several categories to choose from. The point of this particular website is to share their views about current trends in men’s fashion and hairstyles. Exploring one section at a time, you can have a look and see what is of interest to you.


When you get to the website, you’ll be presented with several menu tabs across the main screen. The first one we will discuss is the second tab (Home is the first). That second tab is Celebrities. It generally displays the fashion and hair styles that you can see on the big and small screens. Each article is about a trend that is currently relevant.

They are all men featured in the article, and the articles rarely stay unread. Chances are, you won’t be doing the little quizzes like they have in women’s magazines, whether online or paper copies. The Celebrities page will have pictures of some celebrities together, but the focus is primarily on the men. Also, you are much more likely to find the trendsetters here. You’ll find sports stars such as tennis players, American football players, movie and TV stars. It’s a great way to keep with the newest realistic trends.


Hairstyles are the third tab. There are pages and pages of articles about men’s hairstyles. Every one article has a different style, along with some tips and advice on how to wear, and style, that new hair you’re wandering around with. Many of the articles will be cross posted with Celebrities, as you can see by clicking on each tab. You’ll find a melting pot of different articles, ready for your reading pleasure.

The Hairstyles tab is a treasure trove of information. Also, by hovering over the tab heading at the top of the page, you will find that the tab has been sorted into different hair lengths, such as long, medium, and short. Clicking on one of those links in the hairstyling menu will narrow it down so it’s easier to locate what you are looking for. That said, there’s no harm in browsing.


No surprise here, but the fourth tab is all about men’s fashion. This heading has seven different pages under it, which helps if you’re looking for shoes but you’re still looking at jeans as you search. Unless you’ve got time to kill, the sorting by type of clothing can keep you occupied.

The hottest trends for men’s clothing is all right there for you to browse. If you’re a celebrity news junkie, you may find this section is more for you. If you’re clothes addicted in general, make sure you check this one out. There are lots of great reads in there on how to wear certain items and still look masculine. The one I recommend is glancing through is how to wear scarves. The tips you get there are well worth it. Check out the Fashion heading and you’ll see exactly what I mean.


No outfit is complete without some good accessories, and these you can find under the Accessories heading right beside the Fashion heading. Also divided into sections under the heading, you can find information on the right bag, the perfect watch, and even sunglasses and jewelry. Here you will find any accessory you would need to complete that new purchase, and maybe even something that just goes perfectly with your new hairstyle.

Whatever you find yourself looking for, this website should be among the first places that you visit for accessories. You aren’t going to find you daddy’s accessories here. These articles are curated just for the modern man, one who is fully aware of who he is and what he wants. There aren’t as many pages as the Fashion heading, but don’t let that fool you. There is plenty of information contained within those articles.


While the grooming heading has only a few articles right now, it’s a great way to stay on top of the latest grooming tools. You can learn a lot from the reviews, and it’s always good to learn more about a shaving device, for example, a straight razor or electric shaver.

There is an article on how to use that straight blade and even a beard grooming kit. If you are interested in learning a little more about the straight blade, you can check out that story too. When it comes to this page, there is a lot of information to take in. Even though you may know some of the information there, you should still check it out.


Yes, there is a page for tattoos. All designed for men, these tattoos are really great. If you’re into body art, you definitely need to see these. They go from flowers (not the girly kind either), all the way to Harry Potter and Batman. Each one of those story links takes you to a list page of the “top 25 tattoos…”

The tattoos seen on these pages are impressive indeed. Come back to any time, just to look at the newest tattoos these artists have created. Yes, created, as these pieces are art. They are heavy on the details, which makes them pop (go look at the vortex piece, it’s amazing). Not only that but if you are in the market for a new tattoo, you may find some inspiration here.

This website has an incredible amount of creativity, geared toward men. Some of the page filters have more than others, however, it leaves the door open to the amount of flexibility that is needed in a website like this. We personally would encourage you to come back regularly. No doubt it’ll be updated on a regular basis, as style fluctuates from season to season.


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